Short letters to places, people, and things.

Dear Grand Canyon, you ruined my photography career.

Dear Earthworks, instagram loves you.

Dear Arches, as I document your depth, I get stabbed with a selfie stick.

Dear Donald Judd, most Marfa locals loathe you.

Dear Josef Albers, yes- I read your color book.

Dear Designers, sure - this might look good over a couch.

Dear Formalism, it’s not just about composition.

Dear Salt Flats, where do you end?

Dear Viewer, what are you thinking?

Dear Body, are you moving?

Dear Map, I think you’re sexy.

Dear Julie Mehretu, this sort of started with you.

Dear Desert, I’m sorry you’ve been fetishized.

Dear Paint spill, you’re so damn loaded.

Dear Squeegee drag, ditto.

Dear Pfeiffer beach, how many cameras at sunset?

Dear Photography, its not me, its you.

Dear Painting, its me, I’m back.



After primarily making photographs for several years, I arrived at abstraction out of necessity. I had spent time traveling through the American West to visit earthworks and quickly realized that there was a need to document the sites I passed through in a less analogue format. The works I create now are a continued investigation of this same issue. They are paintings that brush up against photography, capturing what the stagnant frame cannot. At each site I am placing together the elements of temperature, passage of time, texture, topography and movement through the land. This process of leads to a final work with little to no representational qualities. Through this, there is a new site established, the site of the painting with which the viewer is confronted.

I am a current MFA candidate at the Otis College of Art and Design.

My studio is located in Culver City, California. 


2020 Otis College of Art and Design | Masters of Fine Arts Candidate

2012 The University of Texas at Austin | Bachelors of Fine Arts


2019 Quibi | Commercial Collection | Los Angeles, CA

Made in California | Brea Gallery | Brea, CA

2018 Mid-Residency Show | Bolsky Gallery | Otis College of Art and Design | Los Angeles, CA

2016 Where Does It End? | Ecclesia | Houston, TX

2015 Fotofest | The Vineyard Church | Houston, TX

2013 Creation Forms | Ecclesia | Houston, TX

2013 Girls Gone West | Center Space Gallery | Austin, TX 


2017 Ascension on the Bayou | Houston, TX 

2017 Sojourn | Houston, TX


2012 Undergraduate Professional Development Travel Grant | University of Texas at Austin